Bay Area Reiki Share

On March 26th, 2016 65 reiki practitioners attend from many Reiki Lineages attended first ever large Bay Area Reiki Share co-hosted by SF REIKI CENTER, along with Reiki Masters from across the Bay Area, they were Animal Reiki Source – Kathleen Prasad, Reiki Center of the East Bay – Siddheshwari Sullivan, Vibrant Reiki - Anna Dorian, Wu Wei School of Reiki – Bronwyn Michaelis. It was the first time where folks from many Reiki communities came together to share in Reiki together. During our time together we  also talked about current Reiki opportunities in the Bay Area. We also talked about  how we wanted to grow Reiki in the Bay Area. 

How we want to grow as a Bay Area Reiki Community 

Content and communication:

    •    Member directory (Our Reiki Community wants a place to go to see all volunteer opportunities and upcoming Reiki Events)

    ◦    Map

    ◦    Zip code list

    •    Calendar of events

    •    Reiki elevator pitch

    •    Global Reiki resource links

    •    Potential tools:

    ◦    Bay Area Reiki Tribe  (bringing Bay Area Reiki Community together) 

    ◦    Website (new or pages on existing practitioner site)

    ◦    Google Calendar & Docs

    ◦    Meetup group

    ◦    Mailing list


    •    Quarterly Reiki Shares

    •    Regional networking around the Bay

    •    Practice/business coaching

    •    Fundraisers for Reiki Home

    •    Manage member donations and event expenses

Community Outreach:

    •    Existing volunteer opportunities

    •    Monthly focused reiki meditation:  environmental and social justice issues

    •    New volunteer opportunities:  street fairs, school presentations, YouTube videos

Education and mentoring:

    •    Practitioner classes

    •    Public classes

    •    Guest speaker workshops

    •    Resource links