Community Needs Assessment of the Bay Area Reiki Community

By: Christopher Tellez, Founder and Reiki Master of SF REIKI CENTER 

In 2014, after practicing Reiki for four years I started my Reiki Master Apprenticeship. My Reiki Master training included 2000 client hours, countless Reiki Classes where I shadowed my Reiki Master to prepare me to be a Reiki teacher, and a Master Thesis Project.  My Master Thesis Project is titled:  Community Needs Assessment of the Bay Area Reiki Community. 

The purpose of my thesis was to gain a understanding of how the current Bay Area Reiki Community interacts with one another, our current needs and desires, and if our community wanted to be together in community more, and if so what would that look like.. 

 After the completion of my Reiki Master Apprenticeship I was initiated by Brian Brunius of NYC Reiki Center as a Reiki Master in January 2016.