New Workshops beginning January 2018

I will be offering two new workshops starting in 2018; Opening & Closing Spirals and Scanning the Chakras.  Both classes derive from John Harvey Grey who was my Reiki Master Brian Brunius's Reiki Master.

The Opening and Closing Spirals class is a 4-hour class, Reiki students will learn the Opening & Closing Spiral technique developed by Dr. W. Brugh Joy and adapted to Reiki by John Harvey Gray. Using the Opening Spiral at the start of every Reiki treatment and the Closing Spiral at the conclusion of each treatment will help a client to absorb more Reiki in each session and hold onto that energy for several days afterwards.

The Scanning and Chakra Class is this 3-hour class, designed for beginners, you will learn to develop your natural intuitive abilities to help you feel a person’s aura and scan their 7 major chakras with your hands. You will learn how the strength or weakness you feel in each chakra relates to the health and emotions of the person you are scanning.

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