The Women’s Circle at SF REIKI CENTER

By Marian Isel Barragán

The Women’s Circle held its first meeting in November of 2015 at SF REIKI CENTER. Tamara Loewenstein (my co-organizer and co-conspirator) and I felt the need to create a woman-identified space within our Reiki practice. As advocates of social justice, we decided that our work would include collecting donations at each meeting to support local organizations that advocate for women. Being intersectional feminists, we know that means: supporting workers rights, earth protectors, immigrant rights, youth etc.  Since our inception, we’ve collected almost $1,000 for 14 social justice organizations, reliefs, and efforts. With our donations, we also support SF REIKI CENTER for hosting our work.

Our meetings take place the third Thursday of the month, open to Reiki I and Reiki II SF REIKI CENTER women-identifed students. We begin with a spiritually based discussion, of which we have completed two themes: the first series reviewed the Five Principles of Reiki, and the second was on the Chakras. We then give Reiki to each other, and close with a short meditation.

This year we are focusing more on our activism, and taking our Reiki practice  to the streets. We kicked off 2017 with a meeting to make protest art for the historic Women’s March in San Francisco. Stay tuned for more exciting news on the growth of the Women’s Circle soon. For more information, contact Marian here.

Women's Circle Organizations & Efforts

January 2017: Women's March
December 2016: Transgender Law Center
November  2016: Planned Parenthood
October 2016: Haitian Worker's Rights Group
September 2016: Herbal Solidarity Support for Standing Rock
August 2016: Planting Justice
July 2016: Radical Monarchs
June 2016: El Rio "Contigo" Fundraiser for Pulse Nightclub
May 2016: California Coalition for Women's Prisoners
April 2016: Mission Girls
March 2016: St. James Infirmary
February 2016: El/La
January 2016: Women's Building
December 2015: Oasis for Girls