How Reiki Entered My Life, by KyLeigh Omori

Synopsis: Kyleigh’s story of coming to San Francisco for her mother’s heart transplant surgery, to finding Reiki, and now inviting SF REIKI CENTER to teach Reiki First Degree class in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 13-14, 2017.   Register Here

How Reiki Entered My Life, by KyLeigh Omori

Healing began after hurting for so long. I decided after learning "Hurt people hurt people, healed people heal people" So I began seeking ways to heal my body and spirit. After years of intentional and unintentional efforts of my own and done to me and choices I made that hurt myself, I realized that choosing healing is my choice and how I could serve the world. As a part of that path, I had a close friend who I used to watch Super Bowl Sunday with mention the word reiki to me... this came at a time in my life, where I was in the Bay Area to help my mom with heart transplant surgery and treatment. We were supposed to be there for 3 months and in the end it was a year of numerous surgeries, life threatening illness and infections, countless days in the hospital where I slept and ate and even showered. Searching for meaning in the situation, I knew that it was for a bigger message and meaning.

Anyways, at about 6 months in San Francisco, I was not able to work. Taking care of my mother and supporting her in and out of the hospital consumed most of my time. I heard that word...Reiki... I quickly googled it, and SF Reiki Center came up first. I visited a few more sites but then scheduled an appointment for a treatment.  I was interested in taking Reiki First Degree class to learn to help my mom and others but wanted to be sure it was real and sure enough Christopher gave me a treatment and I felt energized yet peaceful in my body, the energy, it was real for sure. The next day I signed up for the Reiki First Degree class, which was the next weekend. 

My experience Was AMAZING. I felt good, like I was flying and I connected with other students who were kind and were interested in healing. SF REIKI CENTER also has a clinic to help the community and make reiki treatment accessible to anyone, as a student u can volunteer and further practice with Christopher, certified Reiki Master of the SF REIKI CENTER, guiding the sessions with other practitioners. A community of people healing and elevating the human experience with compassion and love... I felt at home, in a space of acceptance. I returned to the Center to complete Reiki 2nd Degree training, which I had to wait at least 3-6 months to take. That experience was like superhero power flying sensations for me.

Upon bringing my mom back home to Hawaii, I continue to give her reiki. Helping her through many ups and downs in her healthcare. I searched for a community of healing people besides my loving yoga community here in Hawaii. I couldn't find Reiki shares where practitioners of Reiki or other healing modalities meet up and traded or a network of them. So when Christopher came to visit Hawaii for the new year holiday, we had brunch and talked about doing a class in Hawaii. He found Hawaii as magical and nurturing as I do, and well, now it's happening.