NorthWest Reiki Gathering 

For 33 Years Reiki practitioners from around the world have been gathering at Breitenbush Hot Springs to celebrate Reiki and to be in community.

This past August 9th to the 13th SF REIKI CENTER and NYC REIKI CENTER attended the gathering. Between both Reiki Schools we brought Christopher, Sasha, Brian, Anu, and Diana.

This years topic of " The transformative Power of Reiki - Moving from me to we," facilitated by Cynthia Lamb Faust and Kathy Melcher Coppieters gave members of the Reiki community a opportunity to talk honestly and candidly about the culture of kindness within the Northwest Reiki Gathering community. The 2017 Board of trustees of the Northwest Reiki Gathering says "We had the courage to create a culture of kindness, love, and acceptance, that we can draw upon as “an energetic generator and incubator of transformation” to share with the world that desperately needs our presence and commitment to deeply listen to every voice with the heart of Reiki."

The time at the Northwest Reiki gathering we laughed, cried, danced, soaked, spoke truth, pondered, reflected, held space, felt listened to, felt great joy and experienced discomfort. All for moving from me to we. 

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