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Reiki Second Degree

3 Nights 630pm - 930pm  Sign Up Here

Those entering our second-degree Reiki program have done much work with the tools and information taught in the first-degree Reiki course, feel a commitment toward using those tools in loving service to other people, and wish to expand the fields of knowledge and the abilities already acquired. At least three months (and preferably six) have elapsed since taking the first degree Reiki class. 

You will learn the following in Reiki Second Degree

▪    The first technique involves an increase of channeling power during the Reiki treatment process.

▪    The second technique teaches you how to use Reiki to help with mental and emotional problems and addictions.

▪    The third technique teaches you how to utilize Reiki for absent healing (i.e. healing others from a distance).

You will also:

▪    Learn how to open intuitively to information while conferring with clients.

▪    Review the emotional and attitudinal relationships affecting body energies, the scanning of energy fields, and the Reiki hand positions.

▪    Learn the opening and closing spirals, which prepare the client for the Reiki energies and help retain those energies for the healing process.

▪    Receive another series of meditative attunements, which open you to the additional energies needed for second-degree Reiki work.

▪    Cement your knowledge of the second degree through direct practice on other students.