Our traditional classes follow the discipline of Usui Shiki Ryoho – The Usui System of Natural Healing. Our classes are both academic and experiential. Reiki Master Christopher Tellez leads Reiki First and Second Degree classes over two days with 16 hours of learning, practicing, hearing the oral tradition of Reiki, and receiving initiations. Our goal is to continue the traditional teachings of Mrs. Takata (who introduced the Reiki to the West) to our students. After receiving Reiki Training at SF REIKI CENTER, you will be able to participate in the Reiki community and will have the opportunity to receive ongoing training and support through our various Reiki offerings.

Additionally, we offer continuing education classes which focus on techniques that assist and enhance your Reiki practice.



The Reiki process is a simple method of hands-on healing as developed by Mikao Usui, a monk from Kyoto, Japan. Reiki energy flows through the body to the hands of the Reiki healer and transfers into the cells of the person receiving the treatment. This energy is then used to normalize body functions and helps to reestablish balance and harmony in the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. Reiki differs from other healing methods in that a specific initiation process is used to prepare students for the flow of healing energy. This process protects them from either transmitting or absorbing any negative energetic patterns.

Over two days you will learn, practice, and hear the oral history of Usui Shiki Ryoho. You will receive initiations which will enable you to offer Reiki to yourself and others.

During the Reiki First Degree Class you will learn to:

  • Apply Reiki energy to yourself and others and sense the energy as it flows through your hands.
  • Feel the energy of the person receiving treatment and sense areas of reduced vitality.
  • Appreciate that attitudes can create dis-ease in our mind and that the physical body can be affected.


Registration: $300


Students entering our Second-Degree Reiki program have worked with the tools and information they learned during their First-degree Reiki course. Participants should feel a commitment toward using those tools in loving service to others and wish to expand the fields of knowledge and the abilities already acquired. The prerequisite for Reiki Second Degree is at least three months of practice since completing Reiki First Degree training.  You will receive meditative initiations, which opens you to additional energies needed for second-degree Reiki work. You will learn the following techniques and tools in Reiki Second Degree:

  • The first technique involves an increase of channeling power during the Reiki treatment process. 
  • The second technique teaches you how to use Reiki to help with mental and emotional problems and addictions.
  • The third technique teaches you how to utilize Reiki for absent healing (i.e., healing others from a distance).
  • Cement your knowledge of the second degree through hands-on practice with other students.


Registration: $600



In this 4-hour class, designed for beginners, you will learn to develop your natural intuitive abilities to help you sense a person’s aura and scan their seven main chakras with your hands. You will learn to determine how the strength or weakness you feel in each chakra relates to the health and emotions of the person you are scanning.

The chakras are wheels of energy spinning at thousands of points on our bodies. Chakras collect and distribute the energy of life which our bodies use to function. When any one of the major chakras becomes weak, the body will experience physical or emotional weaknesses with the corresponding chakra.  Over time this deficiency can develop into serious problems such as anxiety and fear.

In this class you will learn:

  • Sensitize your hands and feel the energy between your hands
  • Use your hands to check for general physical vitality in the aura
  • Use your hands to scan the major chakras and detect for strength or weakness
  • Interpret the emotions or conditions of each weak chakra you find
  • Perform a simple meditative visualization to help balance the chakras


You can read more about John's extraordinary experiences with the body's subtle energy systems and learning Reiki from Hawayo Takata in his book, Hand to Hand: The Longest-Practicing Reiki Master Tells His Story. 


Registration: $100



In this 3-hour class, Reiki students will learn the Opening & Closing Spiral technique developed by Dr. W. Brugh Joy and adapted Reiki Master, John Harvey Gray. Using the Opening Spiral at the start of every Reiki treatment and the Closing Spiral at the end of each treatment will help a client to absorb more Reiki during the session and hold onto that energy for several days.

In this class you will learn:

  1. When performed before the Reiki treatment, the Opening Spiral allows the client’s subtle energy system to receive more Reiki
  2.  When offered at the end of the Reiki treatment, the Closing Spiral seals the client’s subtle energy system, extending the healing benefits beyond the Reiki session.

The methods of opening & closing spirals are detailed in the book, "Joy's Way, A Map for the Transformational Journey: An Introduction to the Potentials for Healing with Body Energies."


Registration $75