The Reiki process is a simple method of hands-on healing as developed by Mikao Usui, a monk from Kyoto, Japan. Reiki energy flows through the body to the hands of the Reiki healer and transfers into the cells of the person receiving the treatment. This energy is then used to normalize body functions and helps to reestablish balance and harmony in the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. Reiki differs from other healing methods in that a specific initiation process is used to prepare students for the flow of healing energy. This process protects them from either transmitting or absorbing any negative energetic patterns.

Over two days you will learn, practice, and hear the oral history of Usui Shiki Ryoho. You will receive initiations which will enable you to offer Reiki to yourself and others.

During the Reiki First Degree Class you will learn to:

  • Apply Reiki energy to yourself and others and sense the energy as it flows through your hands.
  • Feel the energy of the person receiving treatment and sense areas of reduced vitality.
  • Appreciate that attitudes can create dis-ease in our mind and that the physical body can be affected.


Registration: $300